Finnish Travel Blogger Discovers Heart-Shaped Oasis in Saudi Arabia Desert

From the desert to the mountains, plains and beaches, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia abounds with unique forms of nature, as its rich environment harmonizes and paints enchanting natural paintings that can only be seen in a few places around the world.

As usual, Finnish travel blogger Laura Allho, who has been based in Saudi Arabia since 2008, was exploring the hidden gems of the country when she came across a surprising sight: a heart-shaped oasis in the middle of the dunes. in the Saudi desert.

Laura Allho said about the discovery, saying: “I was exploring the areas north of the capital, Riyadh, when the sight of red sand dunes on Google Maps caught my attention.”

She also said, “I noticed that there are many lakes and oases hidden among the sand dunes, and I started trying to find them,” explaining that the pond was completely hidden from view, pointing out that it did so until the last moment. I didn’t realize it was there.

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She describes the sunset scene in this oasis as “full of life”, as the green oasis amidst the red sand dunes is decorated with dazzling colors.

“It was great to walk around this pristine site, many birds have taken refuge there,” she recalled, explaining that the site is perfect for camping.

And through her blog on the “Instagram” site, known as “Al-Abaya Al-Zarqa”, that is, “The Blue Abaya”, Alo shared with her followers pictures of this site in the shape of a heart from above.

The post was widely resonated by Laura Allho’s followers, who expressed their admiration for the way it showed the distinctive heart shape of the pond from above, and were keen to know its exact location, as she refused to publish it publicly for fear of vandalism.

“Many followers have been able to find the pool and keep the location a secret, which is the best way to protect these hidden gems from crowds or vandalism,” says Laura Allho.

Since moving to Saudi Arabia for work in 2008, she has launched her blog, Blue Abaya, to share her experiences exploring the country’s hidden gems.

This blog takes its name from two elements that reflect Finland and Saudi Arabia. From Saudi Arabia, the word “Abaya” was taken as a symbol of respect for the local culture and traditions. As for Finland, the word “blue” was taken in relation to blue, which is the country’s national color, and the color of the sky and seas.

Alho believes that the desert landscape in Saudi Arabia is characterized by its diversity in terms of geology, flora and fauna that can be found in different regions.

She says: “Saudi Arabia’s deserts vary from vast sand dunes like the Dahna Desert, rocky cliffs covered in fossils like the Edge of the World in Riyadh, mountains of wind-sculpted sandstone like rock formations in Al-Ula like the Elephant and Arch rocks that formed over thousands of years, and fields Lava in Khaybar and the list.

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