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The 5 most famous pharaonic monuments in Siwa

Embark on a journey through time, exploring the spellbinding pharaonic ruins in Siwa Oasis – a hidden gem of Egypt’s archaeological panorama.

Unearth the mystical allure of Egypt as we explore the less trodden paths in the enigmatic Siwa Oasis. This captivating locale is more than a desert sanctuary; it’s a timeless tableau of ancient Egyptian civilization, marked by the imposing remnants of pharaonic temples and intriguing landmarks.

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1- Unmasking Al-Agurmi: The Gutber Amun Temple

Perched atop a lofty rock, Al-Agurmi town reigns over the eastern periphery of Siwa Oasis. Here, the distinguished ruins of the Gutber Amun Temple, hidden behind fortified gates and winding catacombs, breathe life into the past. It was in the temple’s renowned meeting room that Alexander the Great received the blessing of Amun’s chief priests, earning his moniker, the great son of Amun.

2- Glimpses of Divinity: The Temple of Amun

The Temple of Amun, nestled amid palm groves adjacent to Al-Agurmi town, is a testament to the region’s spiritual heritage. Despite the ravages of time, the facade’s wall inscriptions narrate an epoch of divine reverence for the god Amun and Amun-Ra. These relics bear witness to Alexander the Great’s legendary journey to the Amun Oasis.

3- The Acropolis of Siwa: A Desert Fortress

Emerging from the heart of the desert, the city of Acropolis and its fortified temple are enduring symbols of ancient resilience. This bastion, complete with garrison barracks and a sacred institute, safeguarded the offerings cleansed in the divine eye spring.

The 5 most famous pharaonic monuments in Siwa

4- Journey to the Afterlife: The Mountain of the Dead

Approximately a kilometer from the town’s coast stands a conical, calcareous hill known as the Mountain of the Dead. This burial site, carved with a beehive-like structure, mirrors the architectural intricacies of the old oasis. Each tomb, leading to a spacious square-shaped courtyard, echoes the grandeur of the ancient civilization.

5- Peaks of the Past: Dakrour Mountain

Close to Al-Agurmi, Dakrour Mountain’s twin peaks, Nadira and Nazareth, overlook the Siwa Oasis. Nestled atop Nazareth peak is the rock-carved Tanasur cave, supported by six square columns. The Sultan’s House monument, lying beneath this chamber and adorned with ancient Egyptian inscriptions, adds to the allure of Dakrour Mountain.


From the divine corridors of the Temple of Amun to the haunting silence of the Mountain of the Dead, the pharaonic ruins in Siwa Oasis are a testament to an era of grandeur and spiritual reverence. Embarking on this journey not only enriches one’s understanding of ancient civilizations but also unveils the secrets shrouded within Egypt’s mystical sands.

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