Top 5 Luxury Resorts in Sedona, AZ

Prepare to be awed by the natural grandeur of Sedona, Arizona. Framed by crimson-red rock formations and magnificent sunsets, Sedona is not just a geographical wonderland but also a luxury retreat boasting some of the finest resorts in the U.S.

Nestled in the heart of Arizona, Sedona’s landscapes offer an enchanted retreat to its visitors. From stunning hiking trails to the mystical vortexes and a bustling arts scene, Sedona presents an array of attractions for everyone. What makes it all the more enticing are its top-notch luxury resorts, setting the stage for a vacation that blends adventure with relaxation and indulgence.

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1- Enchantment Resort

Tucked away in Boynton Canyon, Enchantment Resort is a luxury destination that embodies the spirit of Sedona. Offering panoramic views of the surrounding red rocks, it stands as a perfect blend of Native American culture and modern amenities. Its acclaimed Mii Amo spa, fine-dining options, and a range of outdoor activities make it an idyllic vacation spot.

2- L’Auberge de Sedona

Located on the banks of Oak Creek, L’Auberge de Sedona offers a unique waterfront experience in the heart of the desert. The resort boasts award-winning dining, luxury cottages, and an exclusive spa. Whether you’re exploring the nearby trails or simply enjoying the serene creek-side setting, L’Auberge de Sedona ensures an unforgettable stay.

3- Sedona Rouge Hotel and Spa

Sedona Rouge Hotel and Spa stands out for its Mediterranean design and relaxed ambiance. The resort’s highlights include a luxurious spa, comfortable rooms offering mountain views, and a top-rated restaurant. For wine lovers, its proximity to Arizona’s wine country makes it a preferred choice.

4- Amara Resort and Spa

Amara Resort and Spa blends modern comfort with a touch of native culture. With spacious rooms, a saltwater pool, and a spa focused on holistic treatments, it’s the place to unwind in style. The resort’s private trail to Oak Creek and its views of Sedona’s famous red rocks add to its charm.

5- Sky Ranch Lodge

For a more laid-back retreat, Sky Ranch Lodge offers rustic charm and majestic views from Sedona’s highest point. Overlooking the city and red rock vistas, the resort features comfortable accommodations, lush gardens, and a serene pool area. The lodge’s on-site wine bar is a cherry on top, making it a delightful spot for a vacation.


Sedona, Arizona, offers an array of luxury resorts, each with its unique charm and offerings. Whether you’re seeking outdoor adventures, indulgent relaxation, fine dining, or simply the chance to soak up breathtaking views, these top resorts in Sedona promise a vacation to remember.

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