top 7 natural wonders of the World

Explore the Earth’s hidden gems: Seven global wonders unveiled in a poll, showcasing breathtaking, often overlooked natural marvels. These include the ethereal Northern Lights, the colossal Grand Canyon, the formidable Paricutin, the towering Mount Everest, the breathtaking harbor of Rio de Janeiro, the roaring Victoria Falls, and the expansive Great Barrier Reef.

Travel enthusiasts, adventure-seekers, backpackers, ex-pats, and tourists alike, should undoubtedly pencil these seven wonders into their bucket lists. The grandeur of these natural phenomena often demands an aerial perspective to be truly appreciated.

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1- The Northern Lights:

The Northern Lights

An otherworldly spectacle of shifting colors dancing across the sky, the Northern Lights are a must-visit phenomenon. Best viewed from the extreme north, like Canada, Alaska, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and Finland, the Lights are most vibrant in winter when the dark skies provide a perfect canvas for this cosmic ballet.

2- The Grand Canyon:

 The Grand Canyon

This awe-inspiring formation in Arizona, USA is a testament to the Earth’s geological history. With panoramic views from the South Rim, thrilling hiking trails, and breathtaking helicopter tours, it’s no wonder why the Grand Canyon is one of the world’s seven natural wonders. Don’t miss the Geological Museum for a deeper dive into the canyon’s formation.

3- Paricutin:


Nestled in Michoacan, Mexico, this cinder-cone volcano rose to prominence after its last eruption in 1952. Its inclusion in the seven natural wonders stems from the human witness to its sudden formation. Traverse its sandy banks and lava fields by foot or on horseback, and find nearby accommodations in the city of Orapan.

4- Victoria Falls:

Victoria Falls

Situated along the Zambezi River, between Zambia and Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls is a testament to the force of nature. Experience different perspectives from either side of the border, with options for helicopter tours or, for the brave, a dip in the Devil’s Pool on the Zambia side.

5- Mount Everest:

Mount Everest

The summit of Mount Everest, rising nearly 29,029 feet, is revered by mountaineers worldwide. Situated on the Nepal-Tibet border, it offers breathtaking views even from its base. Consider a trek or lodge stay for a taste of this majestic landscape.

6- The Great Barrier Reef:

Great Barrier Reef

This world’s largest coral reef, with over 900 islands and almost 3,000 separate reefs, supports a diverse ecosystem. Explore this natural marvel through boat trips, snorkeling, or diving excursions from Cairns, Port Douglas, or the Whitsunday Islands.

7- Port of Rio de Janeiro:

Port of Rio de Janeiro

Surrounded by lush green peaks and granite mountains, the harbor offers striking views, especially from the vantage point of Tijuca National Park’s Cristo Redentor statue. For an unforgettable experience, opt for a helicopter tour of the harbor.

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